We are a concept boutique shop in the heart of singapore
About us
Improving natural beauty and restoring lost confidence are the fundamental pillars of our mission
Nouri Face & Body Concepts is a boutique beauty salon located in the heart of Singapore. We offer the best service in its class, exclusive beauty products, incomparable technology and medical grade skincare. This allows us to deliver clinically proven results and expert advice to all our clients, while providing a unique experience at all times.
Meet the team
We are by no means conventional, nor we do we believe in having a typical work environment. As such, we have painstakingly undergone a process to get only the best and most hands-on individuals that are results orientated and willing to go beyond the call of duty to ensure your satisfaction.
Director & Founder
Valerie leads the pack with her exhaustive repertoire of skills ranging from facials and pregnancy care, nutrition, eyebrow embroidery, slimming programs and make up.

Her vast experience provides our clients with informative consultation and recommendations, while her commitment to quality has grown the Nouri brand's popularity to reach even overseas clients in Indonesia, Japan, Brunei, USA, France and others. Valerie is also an award winning entrepreneur, an authority voice in the pregnancy care industry in addition to being a mother of three.

Valerie's typical day consists of client consultation appointments, responding to online queries, administering treatments, visiting post natal clients at their homes to assess treatment progress, conducting regular staff training sessions, removing unsightly botched eyebrow jobs for clients and resisting the urge to swim in a pool of coffee.
Customer Care Concierge
We place a very high priority on customer satisfaction above all else, and in line with our reputation as a 'NO HARD SELLING TACTICS' establishment.As a result, we invested in having Jolyn - our customer care concierge and resident support ninja to help us live up to those goals. Hailing from a background in Tourism and Hospitality in one of Singapore's major hotel resorts, she left behind a life of boring time sheets,booking enquiries and robotic greetings behind a front desk to take up a more challenging role with us where she ensures our heavily pregnant clients find their way safely from the parking lot to our premises, upkeeping our database of client medical background info ,conducts checks and surveys to keep our therapists on their toes and a beautiful smile on our clients' faces.

Why would anyone take on such a stressful job that requires a ton of positivity and energy? We'd like to think that some people are just born to perform well at these things, but we also highly suspect she is happy to show up to work because we have unlimited Wi-Fi and she may also have a secret addiction to breathing in our deliciously scented aromatherapy massage oils, but we won't tell anyone if you won't;)
Health and Beauty Supervisor
We have a variety of different services in our menu, and making sure each and every service is properly administered by a qualified professional with our client's best interests in mind is no easy task.

Bee leads our team of senior and junior therapists for pregnancy massages, facial treatments, weight loss programs as well as the onboarding of new clients who are visiting us for the first time by understanding their individual needs. Despite her petite appearance, her strength can really be felt with each massage and yet she is able to work her dexterous fingers for a refreshing facial experience. Her keen sense of observation has enabled us to really build good rapport with our clients and provide excellent results for their needs across the board.
Marketing Strategist/ Swiss Army Knife
Jason is our go to guy that does everything from going through resumes from applicants to expand our team, observing market trends and directing the activities behind the brand ,creating the in-house protocols, writes all our website pages , online and off line marketing activities and even designed and styled our existing premises.He works remotely, so we'd like to imagine he has eight arms and four desktops.

Our approach and focus on achieving a fantastic customer experience instead of hard-selling is due to his insight and influence (by that we mean he sends a lot of mean e-mails to unethical wanna-be micro influencers looking to score a freebie from us and dodgy china product suppliers trying to get us to carry their inferior BB creams).

You may have unknowingly encountered Jason because he regularly impersonates the page admin of our Facebook Page to interact with and understand the needs and concerns of our customer audience for us to serve them better -either that ,or he woke up too early and couldn't fall back to sleep. When not doing any of the above, he can most probably be found at your local park bench screaming at pigeons while muttering angrily about something none of us understand.
Maternity Care Supervisor
Our ever popular prenatal and post natal massages are enhanced in quality by Zan's mastery of the traditional malay jamu massage techniques and caring dispostion. She ensures that the high standards of each massage are adhered to and that the desired results are achieved.

Her matronly appearance is due to the fact that she is over 60 years old( that's A LOT of experience) , refuses to retire and sit around at home like others her age , and loves her kueh-kueh.

She adds additional value to first time mothers on topics such as breastfeeding , detecting unwellness in newborns as well as post natal recuperation during the confinement period.

Senior Therapist (Javanese massage)
Eva makes Javanese massages a staple at Nouri Face & Body Concepts. Her years of experience enables her to really get those sore muscles and aching tendons loosened up, and her pleasant personality never fails to put a smile on our customer's' faces each and every day. Besides Javanese massages, Eva also works closely with our pregnancy massage team to ensure all our bookings are met on time and in the highest level of standards.
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It is our attention to details that have made us the preferred choice for mummies all over Singapore and as we continue to grow in numbers, we thank you for making us your choice too in your journey towards creating a happier and healthier you.
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